Radek Leskovjan

Welcome to the personal website of czech designer, architect and fashion enthusiast.


I love - drawing
I live for - drawing
Drawing - fulfils me
I earn my living by - drawing
My life is drawing for uax®, for you, for your company!


Establishment of the company uax® with T-shirts which are typical original prints www.uax.cz. We sold them at music festivals, and quickly built a large group of fans. Since the beginning the T-shirts have been sewn by hand in the Czech Republic. 


We expanded our portfolio of uax® products with high quality clothing for leisure and outdoors.


We began supplying uax® goods to the largest networks with “Outdoor Stores” in Central Europe.


Products for corporate clients are an innovation - products for sales promotion and gifts for clients www.trickaprofirmy.cz.


The uax® celebrated its first million products sold.


The uax® design gradually finds another application in collaboration with architects. An original collection of interior products is created.


The pictures began to move, and the first animation was created for corporate clients.


UAX® manufactures iconic racing ski suits for the SKI racing team.


Pytloun Grand Hotel Imperial v Liberci approached Radek Leskovjan to create a unique luxury design room with UAX® manuscript.


Radek Leskovjan's design, in collaboration with a leading Czech architect, won the prestigious Czech Architecture Award 2019 and the House of the Year 2019 competition, where he participated in the interior.


Designer Radek Leskovjan was nominated for interior design in the Interior of the Year 2020 competition.

corporate identity

I will create a unified corporate identity according to which customers will always know you safely. The company logo, company colors and font are an essential part of corporate identity. Other visual materials are derived from them.

uax promotional gifts

T-shirt with a logo? Mug with a company slogan? That’s already been done. Now is the time for originality and a creative approach. Imaginative processing of your company´s T-shirt is a challenge. I will create a graphic series of print designs that humorously reflect the philosophy of your company. I “do not shoot pictures from the hip”, and through regular consultations on the proposals, I will learn about your company, its vision, mission and culture. We produce the corporate T-shirts exclusively in the Czech Republic. And we sew them from 100% cotton with a weight in grams of 185 g / m2. Thanks to the perfect production technology, the shape and colour of the T-shirts remains unchanged even after several years of wearing. For each print there is a handmade screen, which in the hands of experienced printers, transforms typical Czech uax® T-shirts into a perfect corporate gift.

How we do it in UAX

The whole process from designing a theme to making promotional gifts.


Design uax® is for people of all ages. Pictures in association with your brand and product will create a new work of art that communicates well with customers..


Design uax® Doodles graphic



Radek Leskovjan
uax® s.r.o.
Bernartice nad Odrou 131
742 41
Czech republic

email: radek@uax.cz